Peter Gibbons (thecure4ca) wrote,
Peter Gibbons


According to this guy on death row, he's too fat to be executed by lethal injection. His "puffiness" makes it hard to find his veins...and oh yeah, he takes headache medication which could counteract the effects of the meds that make lethal injection humane. As a result, they say his death could be excruciating! I think he's onto something. We should fatten up every death row inmate for the kill! I'm pretty sure he didn't care if those two girls he raped and murdered were comfortable, so I say he has a choice:

1. Stop taking the headache meds. Live with a headache and then die to make it go away. When he says, "This headache is killing me" he'll be right.

2. Lose weight. What better incentive for weight loss? Like a boxer who gets down to his fighting weight, he'll be a loser getting down to his dying weight...and after death, the real progress starts!

3. Stay fat. Get fatter if you want. Then we'll cut you in half to reduce your weight to manageable portions. It'll also make finding a vein for lethal injection a whole lot easier.

Story here:
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